We Have Raised Nearly £400,000 Since Our Formation and Can Start our First Research Project

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Thanks to all our donors we have raised nearly £400,000 since the Charity was registered in July 2014. This is enormously encouraging and, I believe, shows the strength of our message. We have set ourselves an ambitious fundraising target of £30 million over the next five to seven years.

Events 22,000
Major donors 150,000
Trusts / Foundations 84,000
General donations 13,000
Promised funds 70,000
Gift Aid 40,000
TOTAL 379,000


Raising this money is a great start but we need to raise more, much more if we are to meet our goals. In 2016 we are targeting to raise the monies laid out in the table below;

Targetted income 2016
Trusts & Foundations 500,000
Major donors 250,000
Events 40,000
General Donations 50,000
Gift Aid 60,000


Please let the Charity know If you can help us to raise this money in any way. In particular, we are looking to our individual supporters to raise £90,000 from events and general donation.

We would like to thank the following Trusts for their generous donations to the Charity;

BAND Trust (London)
Burton Charitable Settlement
Calmcott Trust
Constance Travis Trust
Holbeck Charitable Trust
Kenneth Hargreaves Trust
Lady Blakenham Charity Trust
Lord Barnby’s Foundation
Norman Collinson TrustPatricia and Donald Shepherd Charitable Trust
Purey Cust Trust
Shepherd Group
Sir George Martin Trust
Sir James Reckitt Charity
Storey family TrustSylvia and Colin Shepherd Charitable Trust

I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Charity since its formation.