What are you doing for World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019?

Alison Staples Great British Tea Party

antibiotic awareness week

Antibiotic Research UK’s annual fundraiser – The Great British Tea Party – is back again this autumn. Taking place every year during World Antibiotic Awareness Week (18th – 24th November 2019), The Great British Tea Party aims to get as many people together talking about antibiotic resistance, having a cuppa and raising money to fund vital research into new antibiotic therapies, education for professionals and the public, plus much needed patient support and information.

We already have almost 100 incredible hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, groups of friends, families and universities signed up to take part during World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019. From Glasgow to Seville, people are getting on board to make a cuppa and help fund life saving research.

Will you join them?

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Alison will be holding a Great British Tea Party at The University of Manchester. She says:

“We held a tea party last year which gave us an incredible opportunity to engage with medical students, pharmacy and biological science students, who already understand that antibiotic resistance is an unfolding catastrophe. We are relying on the doctors and pharmacists of tomorrow to help spread the word to keep antibiotics working. So chatting over a slice of cake and raising money for such a great charity was perfect. We’ll be doing the same again this year!”

We are in hot water

Antibiotic resistant infections are the biggest threat to modern medicine, with ‘superbugs’ killing more than 700,000 people around the world each year. If we don’t act now, then we will be creating an even bigger and more deadly problem for future generations.

At Antibiotic Research UK we’re on a mission to find new antibiotic therapies, provide education and patient information and support. However, this kind of cutting-edge research doesn’t come cheap, which is why we need your help! Hosting a Great British Tea Party will help us fund research, information and support.

Our Chief Executive Colin Garner says:

“This year in 2019 we are celebrating our fourth annual Great British Tea Party as well as five years of Antibiotic Research UK! So it’s an extra special year for the charity. We would love to see people right across the country getting behind our charity, holding tea parties and raising money to help us make a real impact in our fight against the superbugs.”