About our Small Research Grants & Career Development Awards Programme

The understanding of antibiotic resistance and the ways that resistance can be treated is a core part of Antibiotic Research UK’s mission. When the charity was formed in mid-2014 it was recognised that research funding in this area was scarce in comparison with cancer for example. The situation today is not much different where funds for AMR research are still hard to come by.

The charity’s Science Committee have reviewed the current funding situation and have recommended that if small sums of money are awarded to researchers, these can often be leveraged many-fold from other funders. Funding gaps that have been identified and which the charity is endeavouring to fill, include providing grants for pilot studies, small equipment grants, studentships and career development awards.

To date the charity has funded two rounds of grants in 2018 and 2019. Details of these can be found on the linked pages, and a further funding round will take place in 2021 with applications invited until 28 May 2021; more information can be found here.