Research is the only way to find a solution to antibiotic resistance. Without research, we will not be able to prevent future generations from dying due to bacterial infections. Common medical procedures will no longer be safe. Childbirth will become increasingly dangerous. Read on to find out how we are fighting back against that future.

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Antibiotic resistance research
Research in antibiotic resistance
Our research strategy

Find out how our research strategy is guiding us towards a safer future, where antibiotic resistance is no longer a global health catastrophe.

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Antibiotic-resistance breakers (ARBs)
Antibiotic-resistance breakers (ARBs)

We are actively researching new treatments that will overcome bacterial resistance, allowing our existing antibiotics to work once again.

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Non-antibiotic based treatments for traveller's diarrhoea
Non-antibiotic alternatives

Our DIAMOND Trial aims to find an alternative treatment for Travellers’ Diarrhoea in order to preserve the use of antibiotics for more serious and difficult to treat illnesses caused by bacteria.

Small research grants for antibiotic resistance focussed projects

Small research grants

Find out about our small research grant scheme, which is already supporting six research projects at universities across the UK. The grants focus on research into antibiotic resistance, new antibiotic therapies and the social impact of antibiotic resistance.

If you are interested in applying for a small research grant, you can find out more about the eligibility and applying here.

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