Fundraise for Antibiotic Research UK

Raise money for the world’s only charity dedicated to overcoming the challenges posed by antibiotic resistance. With your help, we can help educate the public, support patients and fund research into new antibiotics.

Antibiotic-resistant infections kill people every day. Thank you for supporting our work.

Organise an event

If sports aren’t really your thing, why not get creative and organise something a little more ‘you’? Check out our list of ideas below, or come up with your own. Remember, you’ll need to be able to collect donations from people for taking part.

Casual clothes day at work – or fancy dress!

Savoury bake sale or coffee morning (or go all out with a Great British Tea Party).

Sponsored ‘something’ – whether it’s giving up talking for a day or sweets for a month.

A picnic, breakfast or brunch with one dish from each attendee

A jumble sale or clothes swap.

Open your home and garden for an afternoon of food, drinks and games.

Hold a film screening or TV series marathon.

Festive fundraising! Create a gingerbread village, with prizes for the best and worst entries.

Set up a fundraising group

Set up a local group to raise the profile of Antibiotic Research UK in your area. Try getting local businesses or social groups involved in a fundraiser. Perhaps through your network you could find a ‘Charity of the Year’ membership or get a story in the local press. The world’s your oyster!

If you’re stuck for ideas, you could start with a fantastic ANTRUK Great British Tea Party in your area! We’ll provide you with the materials you need to get going with fundraising and to explain the critical importance of fighting antibiotic resistance.

Go viral

Got a great idea for achieving your fifteen minutes of fame? From the ice-bucket challenge to #NoMakeupSelfie, we all know the power of a good viral challenge. Come up with a (safe and fun) challenge of your own, get a few friends involved and spread the word on social media – with a link to donate to ANTRUK, of course!

Get a fundrasing pack

Request your fundraising pack today and start planning your challenge. Your pack will contain materials explaining antibiotic resistance and how we’re fighting it.

Why fundraise for ANTRUK?

Antibiotic-resistant infections can affect anyone, and they can be devastating.

We’re committed to funding research to stop antibiotic resistance in its tracks and educating the public about the issue. We’re also dedicated to supporting everyone affected by antibiotic resistance, now and into the future.

It’s important work, but it costs money. We’re grateful for every penny we receive, and we’ll ensure it’s put to good use.