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We are just at the beginning of what might become one of the world’s biggest viral pandemic ever seen. Every day that goes by we are hearing more and more about the impact of this flu pandemic. Why is it happening? Will it go away? How many people will die? Will I get infected? How can I protect myself and …

test for bacterial or viral infections

The holy grail: A test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections

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By Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK The search for a new in vitro diagnostic test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections has been a holy grail for healthcare professionals  for many years. A rapid, accurate test would enable healthcare workers to screen out those patients with a viral infection. This would then reduce the unnecessary …

Antibiotic resistance breakers researcher Julie Tod and an agar plate

Antibiotic resistance breakers back on track

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Research funded by Antibiotic Research UK is now back on track after a pandemic-related pause. Our project to discover potential antibiotic resistance ‘breakers’ identified one particularly promising combination of treatments. We can now test that combination on samples of bacteria (isolates) taken from infected patients at participating hospitals. Antibiotic resistance breakers – how do they work? Resistance breakers are combinations …

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National Lottery grant for our work in England

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Antibiotic Research UK is delighted to have received a second grant from National Lottery Awards for All. This follows a previous award for our Patient Support work in Scotland and will allow us to develop our service further in England, too. Our award-winning patient support service provides emotional and informational support to people who have a drug-resistant infection. Arlene, Patient Support …

Education Committee renamed Public Engagement and Patient Support Committee

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As Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) has grown, so has its remit. When first formed, the charity’s main focus was on developing new treatments for drug-resistant infections. This broadened out to include AMR education and most recently to supporting patients with an antibiotic resistant infection. To reflect this evolution of the charity’s focus, the Education Committee’s scope has been broadened to …

Professor Kevin Outterson expert in antibacterials

Professor Kevin Outterson will give the ANTRUK 2021 Annual Lecture

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We’re delighted to announce the title of this year’s ANTRUK Annual Lecture: ‘Smarter ways to buy antibacterials’ given by Professor Kevin Outterson. Professor Outterson is the Executive Director of CARB-X. Developing new treatments against antibiotic resistant bacteria is of key importance if we are to see a world where no one dies from a drug-resistant infection. These new treatments can only …

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National Lottery grant supports our service in Scotland

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Antibiotic Research UK is delighted to have received a grant of more than £6,500 from the National Lottery Awards for All Scotland. This grant, for our Patient Support service, will help us develop a vital support network for people affected by antibiotic-resistant infections in Scotland. Arlene Brailey, Patient Support Lead, who is based in Edinburgh, said “I am over the …

It’s time to act to stop the wide-ranging consequences of antimicrobial resistance

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New Wellcome Report – ‘How drug resistant infections are undermining modern medicine – and why more research is needed’ – cites the story of ANTRUK supporter and speaker Annabelle Armitage. It draws attention to the increasingly dangerous implications of AMR. It also highlights the urgent need for more research to stop common infections becoming untreatable. One of the main drivers …

Volunteer event - 28 July

Find out how to become a fabulous volunteer

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Wondering about how to become a volunteer, but not sure where to start? Join our Virtual Volunteer event at 7pm on Wednesday 28 July! We really appreciate everyone who volunteers to help us achieve our vision of a world free from deaths caused by drug-resistant infections. There are different ways you can get involved, such as running a fundraising group, …

Life Sciences Vision - our view

Comment on the Life Sciences Vision policy

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On 6 July 2021, the UK government published its Life Sciences Vision policy. It described this policy as a “plan to create a thriving sector, and tackle the major causes of death and disease”. It sets out how, over the next ten years, the UK will tackle some of the major diseases that affect our society. This includes dementia, cancer, …

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Charity launches patient video by Mary at Parliament event organised by Pfizer UK

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We were very pleased to both participate and present at a Parliament meeting organised by Pfizer UK. Attendees were drawn from the Houses of Commons and Lords as well as senior members of the Civil Service. The event was hosted by Lord Bethell, UK Minister for Innovation. It was to brief participants about the challenge that drug-resistant infections pose globally, …

BioBaddies winners in their T-Shirts

Antibiotic Research UK announces winners of ‘Bio-Baddie’ competition

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Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), the world’s first publicly funded charity focused solely on tackling the global threat of drug-resistant infections, is delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 Bio-Baddie art competition. The competition encouraged participants of any age to draw what they think an antibiotic resistant bacteria might look like as part of British Science Week 2021. We would …

Petri dish representing an E. coli culture and hand in lab gloves

E. coli: infections under the microscope

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Escherichia coli (E. coli), is a type of bacteria that occurs in the intestines of people and animals, often without causing any problems at all. But in some cases it causes illnesses ranging from mild (acute diarrhoea) to life-threatening (haemolytic-uremic syndrome and severe bacteraemia). One study demonstrates that E. coli caused fatal diarrhoea in nearly 60,000 people in 2016, globally. …

Vaccine being prepared by a person in a white lab coat and blue gloves

Vaccines and clots; how to balance medical risks

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We have explored the general medical theme behind many of the COVID-19 headlines over the past year. The latest hot topic is the apparent risk of blood clots as a side effect of some COVID vaccines. So what are the risks, and what can this teach us about medicine? All medicines carry the risk of side effects or severe adverse …

5K may antibiotic research UK

5K May: Raise money to help us tackle antibiotic resistance

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The viral 5k May challenge is back! Throughout the month of May we challenge you to move 5 kilometres for charity! Run, roll, walk, cycle or even swim, just get moving! You can do your 5k anywhere, anytime with anyone. It’s about getting out and feeling good while you’re doing it, all whilst giving back to charity. Donate here! Antibiotic …

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Antiviral taskforce launched by UK Government – but what about the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance?

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Yesterday (20 April 2021) the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the launch of a new antiviral taskforce. It is charged with getting new two new treatments into people with a COVID-19 infection. The aim is to have at least 2 effective treatments this year, either in a tablet or capsule form. The public can take these treatments at home …

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COVID-19: a glimpse into our future?

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The year is 2051. More than 10 million people have died from antibiotic-resistant infections this year. People are asking why we didn’t do more to protect our precious antibiotics. Why are people dying from what were previously ‘minor’ infections? How did such a devastating pandemic come out of nowhere like this? The truth is that the above situation could happen …

Antibiotic Research UK launches £200,000 small research grants programme to tackle antibiotic resistance

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Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), the world’s first charity tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance, launches its 2021 Small Research Grants / Career Development Awards scheme. This is the charity’s largest grants programme to date. The charity will be awarding one grant of up to £50,000 and six grants of up to £25,000 each. Monies applied for can be spread over one, two …

c diff infections being viewed under a microscope

C. diff: infections under the microscope

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Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is a type of bacteria that can live in our digestive system without causing any problems. In fact, it is present in around 1 in 30 of us. But it can also cause a nasty infection and is the most common cause of hospital diarrhoea. It particularly affects people who have recently received antibiotics. These …

Response to recent cuts to ODA funding regarding AMR and its global impact

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ANTRUK has read the statement regarding the UK Government’s decision to reduce the funds available for Official Development Assistance (ODA) and the possibility that ongoing funding for ODA projects in antimicrobial resistance may be terminated. We appreciate that this will have a significant impact on current research into tackling Anti-Microbial Resistance undertaken by UK Higher Education researchers. It will potentially …

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LIVE with Scientists inspires students with science

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Antibiotic Research UK and LIVE with Scientists teamed up for an interactive Antibiotic Resistance webinar earlier this month. The sell-out online event brought secondary school- and college-age students a fantastic insight into the work of PhD scientists investigating antibiotic resistance. The LIVE with Scientists programme is an online platform that hosts live science talks and interviews. It aims to provide …