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We are just at the beginning of what might become one of the world’s biggest viral pandemic ever seen. Every day that goes by we are hearing more and more about the impact of this flu pandemic. Why is it happening? Will it go away? How many people will die? Will I get infected? How can I protect myself and …

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COVID-19: a glimpse into our future?

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The year is 2051. More than 10 million people have died from antibiotic-resistant infections this year. People are asking why we didn’t do more to protect our precious antibiotics. Why are people dying from what were previously ‘minor’ infections? How did such a devastating pandemic come out of nowhere like this? The truth is that the above situation could happen …

Antibiotic Research UK launches £200,000 small research grants programme to tackle antibiotic resistance

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Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), the world’s first charity tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance, launches its 2021 Small Research Grants / Career Development Awards scheme. This is the charity’s largest grants programme to date. The charity will be awarding one grant of up to £50,000 and six grants of up to £25,000 each. Monies applied for can be spread over one, two …

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C. diff: infections under the microscope

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Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is a type of bacteria that can live in our digestive system without causing any problems. In fact, it is present in around 1 in 30 of us. But it can also cause a nasty infection and is the most common cause of hospital diarrhoea. It particularly affects people who have recently received antibiotics. These …

Response to recent cuts to ODA funding regarding AMR and its global impact

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ANTRUK has read the statement regarding the UK Government’s decision to reduce the funds available for Official Development Assistance (ODA) and the possibility that ongoing funding for ODA projects in antimicrobial resistance may be terminated. We appreciate that this will have a significant impact on current research into tackling Anti-Microbial Resistance undertaken by UK Higher Education researchers. It will potentially …

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LIVE with Scientists inspires students with science

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Antibiotic Research UK and LIVE with Scientists teamed up for an interactive Antibiotic Resistance webinar earlier this month. The sell-out online event brought secondary school- and college-age students a fantastic insight into the work of PhD scientists investigating antibiotic resistance. The LIVE with Scientists programme is an online platform that hosts live science talks and interviews. It aims to provide …

Running events participants in the VM London Marathon

Running events finally back on track

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Antibiotic Research UK is thrilled to announce that charity running events are returning in the summer of 2021. Running events – charity places Our running-enthusiast supporters can put their best foot forward at the Virgin Money London Marathon and the Vitality Big Half. We have a limited number of charity places for these events, so register your interest quickly if …

British Science Week bio baddie

Last chance to build a ‘bio baddie’ for British Science Week!

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There is still time! Join us to celebrate British Science Week by designing your own ‘bacterial bad guy’ this weekend. Bio Baddie competition Just grab your art materials (any medium you like) and get designing! Create an artistic impression of what an antibiotic-resistant bacterium might look like. Find out how to enter and submit your image. But hurry, British Science …

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Gut bacteria, antibiotics and human health

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Did you know there are as many bacterial cells in the human body as there are human cells? These bacteria are essential to life and good health. They are also of increasing interest to scientists and doctors investigating causes of ill health. This blog provides a simple summary of some of the latest and most interesting research in the field …

International Womens Day

International Women’s Day at Antibiotic Research UK

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The theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is ‘Choose to Challenge’. At Antibiotic Research UK, we are lucky enough to work alongside inspiring, incredible women every day who are committing their time and efforts to challenging antibiotic resistance. This is a global crisis, and our team works tirelessly, with the help of public support, to support patients, educate the public …

Scientia interview with Antibiotic Research UK

Antibiotic Research UK in conversation with Scientia

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While antibiotics have transformed modern medicine, helped to extend life expectancy in the UK by as much as 20 years and saved millions of lives around the world, the rapid rise of resistance to these drugs presents an imminent global health disaster if not adequately managed in the very near future. In this exclusive interview, Scientia speaks with Professor Colin …

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International travellers spread dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria with ease, study finds

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New research, published in The Lancet Microbe on 23 February 2021, shows how antibiotic-resistant infections can spread easily when we travel. The study highlights how international travellers/tourists who share facilities can spread resistant infections. In one case, tourists staying separately were found to have the same strain of a bacteria after sharing a shower facility. Study details Scientists from the …

Dr Lloyd Payne

Dr Lloyd Payne joins Antibiotic Research UK as Chair of Science Committee

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Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) is delighted to welcome Dr Lloyd Payne to the charity. Dr Payne has extensive experience in drug discovery and anti-infectives. He is an excellent addition to the team as the charity continues to drive the fight against antibiotic resistance. Dr Lloyd Payne is a drug discovery executive and anti-infectives specialist. He has more than 25 years’ industry …

mRNA vaccines for antibiotic-resistant infections?

Could mRNA vaccines protect us from antibiotic-resistant infections?

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A new type of vaccine – mRNA vaccines – were first seen in clinical practice as COVID-19 vaccines. These vaccines offer hope for much faster production of vaccines, even those for bacterial illnesses (remember, COVID-19 is caused by a virus). Traditional vaccines include a dead or weakened (also called ‘attenuated’) sample of the bacteria that we want the immune system …

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It is safe to have the COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics

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Antibiotic Research UK’s vital work providing support to people who have antibiotic-resistant infections has made it clear that better patient advice about vaccinations is urgently needed.  Our Patient Support Service is reassuring 10+ people per day (by telephone or email) that it is safe to have a COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics. Alarmingly, we have heard from a small number …

Antibiotic Research UK calls for clear guidance to ensure people on antibiotics do not miss out on the COVID-19 vaccine

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Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), the UK’s only charity focused on tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance, is urging the UK Government to publish clear national guidelines about whether people on antibiotics should have the COVID-19 vaccination. The charity’s vital work providing support to people who have antibiotic-resistant infections has made it clear that better patient advice about vaccination is urgently needed. Professor Colin …

bionow awards

Antibiotic Research UK wins Bionow AMR Award 2021

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We are delighted to announce that Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) has won the Bionow Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) award 2021 in recognition of our Patient Support Service.  See the award ceremony on YouTube. Our Patient Support Programme was established in 2019. It is the UK’s first dedicated programme to support patients and families suffering with resistant bacterial infections. Patients now have access …

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Antibiotic Research UK’s 2018 Small Research Grants bear fruit

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One of Antibiotic Research UK’s key objectives is to provide funding that supports UK university academics in their research into antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Our Small Research Grants fulfil that objective and allow us to quickly allocate funding in response to new research opportunities as and when they arise. Research is vital to our mission – the knowledge and understanding …

A medical professional holds a vaccine syringe

Antibiotics and the COVID-19 vaccine

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More people are receiving one of the newly developed COVID-19 vaccines every day. However, Antibiotic Research UK’s Patient Support Service is seeing an increasing number of queries from people who are concerned about having the vaccine while they are also taking antibiotics. Is it safe to have the COVID-19 vaccine if you are taking antibiotics? Will both treatments work? Yes, …

Please help us to plan our next five year’s strategy

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It is now just over five years since our charity was formed to tackle the major public health problem of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Since that time, we have grown as a charity and have accomplished a great deal in our three focussed activities of research, education and patient support. Making sure we are doing what you want us to do …