Leave a gift in your will for ANTRUK

“… my grandfather went into hospital for an operation on his hip, which became infected. The antibiotics should have saved him, but they didn’t”Catherine

Antibiotics have been saving lives for as long as most of us can remember. Unfortunately, the overuse and misuse of these drugs, coupled with a lack of new antibiotics, mean that infections are becoming increasingly resistant to the current treatments.

Antibiotics are what should keep people like Catherine’s grandfather safe from infections as they recover from a routine operation. They are important for routine procedures and treating infected wounds. If we can’t rely on the antibiotics we have, we need to work to change that, and develop new treatments for the future.

Why choose ANTRUK?

Antibiotic Research UK is the only charity in the world that is devoted to fighting antibiotic resistance. We fund research into new antibiotic therapies and non-antibiotic alternatives, as well as educating the public and supporting affected patients.

This is a problem that will only get worse for future generations if we don’t act now. People like Catherine, who lost her grandfather after a routine operation that became infected, have helped fight for the future generations by leaving us a gift in her will.

How you can leave a gift in your Will

Leave a gift in your Will today to not only help develop new treatments and support those suffering the effects of antibiotic resistance, but to help future generations of families around the world to lead long, happy lives. Let’s give them a fighting chance.

Find out more about leaving a gift in your Will by downloading our leaflet.

You can also donate in memory

Remember the life of a loved one with a donation to help make the world a safer place for generations to come. A donation is a touching way to pay your respects to a life well lived. If you would like to discuss or arrange an in-memory collection or individual donation, we can help. Get in touch or visit our JustGiving page to set up a tribute fund or collection in lieu of funeral flowers.