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Members are entitled to:

  • vote as per our Constitution
  • attend and call extraordinary meetings
  • vote for appointment of Trustees and Officers
    generally control the charity’s operations.

Members can be likened to the shareholders of a company.

By becoming a Member you join our community and receive news about the charity. We look to our Members to spread the word about antibiotic resistance and generally support us.

Kevin Hollinrake MP and wife Nikki with other guests at a 2016 GBTP

Kevin Hollinrake, wife Nikki and some guest enjoying a cup of tea at a 2016 Great British Tea Party.

Cafe Scientifique meeting Antibiotic Research UK Sept 2016

As a charity, we are governed by our Constitution which has been approved by the Charity Commission. Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) is what is known as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with members. A CIO is relatively new legal structure for charities which allows them to undertake certain activities as well limiting legal liabilities without having to register as a company thus reducing the burden of financial reporting. As we are constituted as a CIO with members, our members control the affairs of the charity.