Our 2019 Small Research Grant Awards

All applications received were reviewed by ANTRUK’s Science Committee and / or Education Committees. External reviewers were also used. ANTRUK adopted the scoring system developed by the Medical Research Council for use by independent referees.

A shortlist of the top scoring applications was made and members of our Science Committee prioritised the applications. ANTRUK’s Trustees were asked to ratify decisions to award grants.

The winners of the 2019 Small Research Grant call are listed in the table below:

Dr Ishwar Singh

University of Liverpool

Evaluation of Bacterial Tolerance to Synthetic Teixobactins
Mr Chris Beaudoin University of Cambridge Inhibition of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis RecA protein
Dr Julia Hubbard University of Newcastle Enabling structure based drug discovery on the outer membrane protein LptDE
Professor Jamie Davies University of Edinburgh AntibioticDb database, and BPS/IUPHAR Guide to PHARMACOLOGY database, working together to create a powerful data resource for antibiotic pharmacology.