Design a Bio-Baddie!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, the competition is now closed.

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An antibiotic is a medicine that fights off bugs that we call bacteria. Some bugs can, over time, become resistant to these drugs, which means the drug will no longer be able to fight off the bug.

Scientists at Antibiotic Research UK collect antibiotic resistant bacteria so we can research and defeat them. Every antibiotic resistant bacteria is slightly different and we need your help to imagine what they might all look like.

This British Science Week, we want you to get creative and design your own ‘Bio-Baddie’ to fill up our test tubes and help us with our research!

  • You can paint, draw, use mixed media or work on a computer to recreate a real antibiotic resistant bug or make one up.

  • There are no age limits; we want everyone to get involved! Just submit your drawings into either the under 16s or over 16s category.

  • There will be two winning designs chosen from each category. These Bio-Baddies will be made into t-shirts which will be available to buy. The winners will receive a free t-shirt of their design.

  • The competition is free to enter! However, our work relies on public support, so if you can we would ask you to consider making a donation to keep our work fighting antibiotic resistance going.

  • Submit your entry using the form below

  • Keep an eye on our ANTRUK Facebook page where we will upload entries to our Bio-Baddie gallery between 5-15th March


Without antibiotics simple infections could become serious, and routine operations and treatments would be too dangerous to undertake.


A donation of :

  • £2.50

    could provide 15 GP surgeries with posters letting people know about our patient support service, helping people struggling with antibiotic resistant infections

  • £5.00

    could pay for 50 Petri Dishes which are essential pieces of equipment in our research work to beat antibiotic-resistant bugs

  • £7.50

    could pay for a box of 100 disposable gloves to keep our scientists safe and their experiments ‘clean’

  • £10.00

    could pay for 2,000 pipette tips used to move potential medicines between test tubes

  • £15.00

    could support someone over the phone who has a resistant infection and nowhere else to turn

  • £20.00

    could pay for 50 test sensitivity discs which test our potential medicines on antibiotic resistant bacteria

  • £30.00

    could pay for a pull up banner to help reduce antibiotic misuse which helps to keep antibiotics working for longer

  • £50.00

    could pay for 1000 leaflets in a GP surgery explaining what antibiotic resistance is and how it affects people

  • £100.00

    could pay for our network of volunteers for 2 months. Volunteers help us to teach more people about antibiotic resistance and raise money to fund research

Please make a donation to help us find new antibiotic therapies to help combat superbugs

Text Fight5 to 70085 to donate £5 or
Fight10 to 70085 to donate £10

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If you wish to remove permission for your artwork to be used then please email