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New Charity Launched to tackle Antibiotic Resistant Infections

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October 1 2014 is the official launch of our new charity dedicated to tackling the major problem of antibiotic resistant infections. If we don’t act then infections that can be treated now will become life-threatening in the future. We need you to help us whether you are a lay member of the public, a scientist, clinician or politician.

PLEASE HELP us by making a donation or offering your time in any way. We need to build up a national network to tackle this problem – if you are interested in setting up a local group then please let us know.

35,000 people die each year in the UK from sepsis, 1000’s die from pneumonia and 5,000 from antibiotic resistant infections. This problem will only get worse if we don’t develop new antibiotics quickly. Our charity aims to develop one new antibiotic by the end of the decade. To do so we need to raise £30 million over the next 5-7 years. Help us reach this target.

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