Top 10 Superbugs these are teh most lethal strains of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria known to man

Top 10 most lethal Superbugs the world should be scared of

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We all know the difference between a virus and


We all know how antibiotics work on bacteria

We all know that Ebola is a virus and Salmonella is bacteria, right?

You know what a white blood cell looks like when it is hunting bacteria?


Whilst we tell ourselves that we know all about the most dangerous bacteria, here is a breakdown of the top 10 biggest threats to mankind.  When you read this list you will see that you know of some if not all yourself.  You probably have been to the doctor because you are suffering the effects of these nasty little bugs, these multi-celled but basic organisms show a resilience and an ability to survive that man must admire as this is the evolutionary path that has got us where we are today.  Bacteria colonised this planet long before man and will no doubt still be here at the next big bang too.

Just for the record here is a great animation of how a flu virus invades your body


So without further ado introducing to you the top 10 most deadly bacteria that shows an increasing resilience to antibiotics at an alarming rate the world over.  But don’t panic Antibiotic Research UK are developing new drugs to help.