Do face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection?


The WHO guidance has not changed on this. The advice on this currently comes from the UK government.

Currently there is limited evidence for the use of masks (medical or other) for healthy individuals in the wider community. The WHO is actively studying the rapidly evolving science on masks and continuously updates its guidance. However, they stress that masks are not a replacement for good hand hygiene and social distancing practices. In June 2020, WHO issued new guidance to recommend that all people wear three layer face coverings in enclosed spaces such as public transport and shops where social distancing is not possible to attempt to reduce transmission of COVID-19. They also recommend that people over 60 or with underlying health conditions should wear medical grade masks where physical distancing is difficult to give themselves better protection. The governments within devolved countries are also issuing additional guidance and requirements on face coverings and masks which you can find on NHS information sites eg

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