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ANTRUK’s Education Committee gathers for first official meeting

Peter Gibson ANTRUK announcements

Antibiotic Research UK has three main goals: developing new antibiotic therapies, providing patient support and educating the public on sensible use of antibiotics and the threats of overuse. To address the third goal, Antibiotic Research UK held its first formal Education Committee meeting.

The aim of the committee is to provide guidance to the charity on educational programmes and materials, which will help to improve public and professional knowledge on the topics of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance. Antibiotic Research UK already undertakes a number of different activities to help awareness of antibiotic resistance – including its Great British Tea Party, which is held annually on 18th November, and parliamentary lobbying. The committee will help to coordinate these activities going forward.

This first meeting set a strong foundation for the charity’s future aims. Discussing a range of different topics, including new educational materials, target audiences, and potential future education programmes, the committee members came up with some great ideas and left with numerous actions, setting the charity on the right path to establish strong educational programmes.

With the charity using numerous forms of media to communicate its messages, the committee is confident that it can be a positive influence in helping to educate the public about the threats of antimicrobial resistance. There will be more updates from the Education Committee throughout this year, so keep coming back to find out about the latest updates from the Education Committee.