Lockdown Fundraising Ideas

Thanks for visiting Antibiotic Research UK Lockdown Fundraising Ideas. Despite the country being in lockdown and doing our bit by staying home Antibiotic Research UK still need your help to fund vital research, patient support and education.

Here are some ideas of ways you can support Antibiotic Research UK from the comfort of your own home:

child in superhero costume for the 2.6 challenge
Donate your unwanted items

You can de-clutter your home and easily turn your unwanted items into precious pounds for Antibiotic Research UK using Ziffit, a free web and app. Follow this link and start clearing out your bookshelves and cupboards today.

Virtual Quiz

If you are missing your regular pub quiz then why not connect with friends online and hold a virtual quiz with the entrance fee going to Antibiotic Research UK? Get in touch so we can chat you through the best platform to use for you and how to set up your fundraising.

lunchitme live logo for Antibiotic Research UK

Do you have a particular skill or knowledge about something that others might find interesting? It could be playing an instrument, a working knowledge of the human biome and how it affects us, a history of panini sticker albums, or are you a skilled magician?

Show off your skill or knowledge in a Facebook live video and add a link to Antibiotic Research UK to help us raise much needed funds. We’ll provide you with a short introduction script to tell your viewers a bit about the charity and the instructions for how to set up a donate button when doing this.

person holding a video game controller
Twitch fundraising

Are you finding yourself with more time on your hands to perfect your gaming skills? Perhaps now is the time to set up a gaming tournament or marathon and put your skills to good use. Follow these instructions to link your Twitch account to Just Giving.

woman raising lockdown funding for Antibiotic Research UK
Virtual sporting events

If you’ve been getting out for a jog or cycle for your daily exercise and think you could take on a challenge then getting involved with a virtual sporting event could be the way for you to support Antibiotic Research UK. Follow these instructions to link your Strava account to Just Giving.

man washing his hands with soap in a sink
10p in a jar when you wash your hands

It’s so important that we continue with the good hygiene of washing our hands properly and regularly. Placing 10p in the jar every time you wash your hands will both remind you if you aren’t doing it enough and support Antibiotic Research UK at the same time.

woman using a tablet to make a video call
Facebook birthday fundraiser

Having a birthday during lockdown is definitely less fun than before! However your friends could put the money they would have spent going out and buying you a drink to a Facebook fundraiser and you can always have a virtual meet up via a meeting app instead.

old five pound note in a pocket
Donate money saved from not commuting or going to the gym

Some people are in the fortunate position that they are still being paid but are actually saving money by not commuting or paying out for gym memberships. If you can make a donation or set up a direct debit to us we would really appreciate your support at this difficult time.

A life online


You can raise money for Antibiotic Research UK without it costing you a penny by using Easy Fundraising or Amazon Smile.


You might find yourself using a lot more inkjet cartridges if you are working from home. Recycle 4 Charity enables you to recycle the empty cartridges and raise money for Antibiotic Research UK.

Don’t send a card!

Let a loved one know you are thinking of them by sending them an e-card and making a donation to Antibiotic Research UK. We have recently uploaded a wide selection of ‘thinking of you’ cards that you might want to use, please see here.

If you would like to get involved in any of these lockdown fundraising ideas, would like some lockdown fundraising materials or have any ideas or questions then please get in touch with Claire – claire.nethersole@antibioticresearch.org.uk