Tender documents released to carry out a second phase of research on antibiotic resistance breakers

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Following a highly successful first phase, Antibiotic Research UK is gearing up to begin the second phase of its research programme into Antibiotic Resistance Breakers (ARBs). Tender documents have now been released, and the charity is currently accepting applications from the scientific community for the next stage of its research.

In ANTRUK’s first major research programme, researchers succeeded in identifying several combinations of antibiotics that broke the resistance in some of the world’s most infectious bacteria. The initial study, conducted under contract in the UK, Germany and France, was a first step towards Antibiotic Research UK’s goal of bringing one new antibiotic therapy into clinical use by the early 2020’s.

In the second phase of research, ANTRUK will be looking to corroborate its findings with a broader range of drug resistant superbugs which are currently causing problems in our hospitals, and will be testing how likely it is that bacteria will become resistant to different antibiotic combinations.

The research programme is being administered by Dr. Lloyd Czaplewski, Chief Scientific Officer at Persica Pharmaceuticals and a member of ANTRUK’s Science Committee. Dr. Czaplewski has over 23-years of R&D experience in biological and chemical entities, and across multiple therapeutic areas. ANTRUK’s research programmes are overseen by our Science Committee chaired by Dr David Brown and has some of the UK’s senior researchers in antibiotic resistance as its members.