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The holy grail: A test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections

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By Professor Colin Garner, Chief Executive of Antibiotic Research UK The search for a new in vitro diagnostic test to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections has been a holy grail for healthcare professionals  for many years. A rapid, accurate test would enable healthcare workers to screen out those patients with a viral infection. This would then reduce the unnecessary …

It’s time to act to stop the wide-ranging consequences of antimicrobial resistance

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New Wellcome Report – ‘How drug resistant infections are undermining modern medicine – and why more research is needed’ – cites the story of ANTRUK supporter and speaker Annabelle Armitage. It draws attention to the increasingly dangerous implications of AMR. It also highlights the urgent need for more research to stop common infections becoming untreatable. One of the main drivers …

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E. coli: infections under the microscope

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Escherichia coli (E. coli), is a type of bacteria that occurs in the intestines of people and animals, often without causing any problems at all. But in some cases it causes illnesses ranging from mild (acute diarrhoea) to life-threatening (haemolytic-uremic syndrome and severe bacteraemia). One study demonstrates that E. coli caused fatal diarrhoea in nearly 60,000 people in 2016, globally. …

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Vaccines and clots; how to balance medical risks

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We have explored the general medical theme behind many of the COVID-19 headlines over the past year. The latest hot topic is the apparent risk of blood clots as a side effect of some COVID vaccines. So what are the risks, and what can this teach us about medicine? All medicines carry the risk of side effects or severe adverse …

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Antiviral taskforce launched by UK Government – but what about the fight against Antimicrobial Resistance?

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Yesterday (20 April 2021) the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the launch of a new antiviral taskforce. It is charged with getting new two new treatments into people with a COVID-19 infection. The aim is to have at least 2 effective treatments this year, either in a tablet or capsule form. The public can take these treatments at home …

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C. diff: infections under the microscope

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Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is a type of bacteria that can live in our digestive system without causing any problems. In fact, it is present in around 1 in 30 of us. But it can also cause a nasty infection and is the most common cause of hospital diarrhoea. It particularly affects people who have recently received antibiotics. These …

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LIVE with Scientists inspires students with science

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Antibiotic Research UK and LIVE with Scientists teamed up for an interactive Antibiotic Resistance webinar earlier this month. The sell-out online event brought secondary school- and college-age students a fantastic insight into the work of PhD scientists investigating antibiotic resistance. The LIVE with Scientists programme is an online platform that hosts live science talks and interviews. It aims to provide …

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Gut bacteria, antibiotics and human health

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Did you know there are as many bacterial cells in the human body as there are human cells? These bacteria are essential to life and good health. They are also of increasing interest to scientists and doctors investigating causes of ill health. This blog provides a simple summary of some of the latest and most interesting research in the field …

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The language barrier no one is talking about: medical jargon

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The average reading age of adults in the UK is estimated at between 9 and 11 years and nearly 8% of people in the UK do not speak English as their first language. Could we save lives by toning down the medical jargon and explaining things in language everyone understands? Coronavirus, shielding, immunity, vaccination – the medical terms we use …

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Review highlights how antibiotic resistance is spread in low-middle income countries

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A review of nearly 200 studies into the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections has highlighted individual accountability and global action as vital for preventing a global increase in deaths from such infections. In July this year, researchers from France, Lebanon, Italy and South Africa published ‘Drivers of Antibiotic Resistance Transmission in Low- and Middle-Income Countries from a “One Health” Perspective—A Review’ …

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Take action against antibiotic resistance now to avoid a pandemic worse than COVID-19

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We have been working with the pharma giant Pfizer, co-producers of the first vaccine against COVID-19 to help avoid a future pandemic of bacterial antibiotic resistance. Professor Colin Garner (Chief Executive) and Professor Christine Bond (Trustee and Education Committee Chair – Emeritus Professor, University of Aberdeen) were members of an AMR Taskforce charged with defining how individuals can make a …

Bristol study highlights how reduced antibiotic prescriptions can help reduce antibiotic resistance

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Our charity is increasingly concerned that antibiotic resistant bacterial infections could be forgotten because of the current focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. While the world is focuses on the viral pandemic, the fight against antibiotic resistance cannot be ignored. The public are increasingly visiting our website to learn more about antibiotic resistant infections. Antibiotic resistance is driven by the overuse, …

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How antibiotic resistance affects people with other health conditions

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Antibiotic-resistant infections are bacterial infections that do not respond to treatment with antibiotics. While any one of us could require antibiotics at some point in our life, some people rely on them due to other health conditions. Antibiotic Research UK is dedicated to helping save the future of modern medicine by investing in the development of alternative treatments and finding …

Professor Alison Holmes

Hear about the links between COVID-19 and secondary bacterial infections Listen to Professor Alison Holmes Imperial College London talk on this topic

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Our Annual Lecture and AGM event is coming up soon. This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic will be meeting by Zoom videoconference. Our Annual Lecturer Professor Alison Holmes will be giving a talk titled  ‘Antimicrobial optimisation: Learning from a pandemic and Advances in innovation’. Alison is Professor of Infectious Disease, Imperial College, London. Alison has interests in antibiotic use, …

Antibiotic-resistant infections in BAME communities

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Despite limited research into this area, there is evidence to suggest that people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities are more likely to get antibiotic-resistant infections. It also indicates that they have worse health outcomes when they do. There are many diverse reasons as to why this might be the case; we explore some of the research so …

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1,000-year-old eye salve recipe shows antibiotic activity

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Antibiotic Research UK is a charity focussed on finding new treatments for antibiotic-resistant infections. We are always on the lookout for research that might help save modern medicine. We were intrigued to learn of research published in July 2020 by a team of University of Warwick scientists. The project was led by Dr Jessica Furner-Pardoe, whose research focusses on finding …

Merck Sharp and Dohme interview with Antibiotic Research UK

Arlene Brailey our Patient Support service head is interviewed by international pharma company Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) on her role

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Antibiotic Research UK was delighted to be asked by international pharmaceutical giant, Merck, Sharp and Dohme, for an interview. MSD wanted us to describe our patient support activities as part of a MSD series on antibiotic stewardship. Arlene Brailey, head of our Patient Support service, was interviewed by Mark Johnson, MSD on her role in providing help and advice to …

Dexamethasone for COVID-19 patients

Dexamethasone: evidence-based treatment for hospitalised COVID-19 patients

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Often, new diseases are treated using existing medicines for other conditions. This allows us to move more quickly than if we were to develop and test a new treatment, but with so many possible candidates the process must be based in science. Dexamethasone use for COVID-19 patients shows this process at its best. In a previous article we explored the …

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Health outcomes for people from BAME communities

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Current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the killing of George Floyd in America, have shone a much-needed spotlight on some of the issues that disproportionately affect health outcomes for people from BAME communities. Research has consistently shown that people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds experience worse health outcomes than Caucasian people do – in a wide …

Hydroxychloroquine – how the principles of clinical pharmacology seem to have been ignored

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This anti-malarial drug has been making headlines since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet it is not an effective treatment. So why has it received so much attention, and what can we learn from it? As the true extent of the COVID-19 pandemic became apparent and scientists scrambled to find a treatment, one familiar name seemed to stand out …