Ronda Windsor who is worried she may succumb to coronavirus

A plaguing thought: will I succumb to Coronavirus?

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Ronda Windsor

Sepsis survivor Ronda Windsor is worried she might succumb to coronavirus. She reveals how a shattering, ongoing infection that has left her immune system floundering, could make her susceptible to a deadly dose of COVID-19.

“In late 2018, I acquired a drug-resistant urinary tract infection caused by Citrobacter Koseri during a surgical procedure. This sadly developed into sepsis, and I now suffer from “post sepsis syndrome” and lead a life of near constant pain and anxiety.

Rather than immerse myself in a stream of COVID-19 news, I decided to respond to the pandemic by cocooning myself in my safe haven, meditating and keeping my mind as active and distracted as possible – with satisfying, fun, and enjoyable tasks and pleasures.

Drugs, dearth, dread

However, the tide has just turned for me. Sadly, I’ve run into a spot of “medical” bother which has sent a huge surge of panic and fear through my mind and already delicate, battered immune system. I am now feeling very afraid and filled with dread.

And now during the Covid-19 mayhem, due to side effects of my current prescription, my doctor has prescribed a new antibiotic to treat my infection.

The scary thing is, this particular antibiotic is currently “unavailable” and there’s no alternative to take its place.

This leaves me in an extremely precarious position, as I fear as long as my infection remains untreated and my immune system flounders, that I could be a prime target for the virus to attack as it spreads through our nation like wildfire – the question is: will I succumb to coronavirus? If so, I fear that I will sadly be just another “number”…

Repeat episode of sepsis?

As a sepsis survivor who suffers from an ongoing UTI antibiotic resistant infection, which is a ticking time bomb for a repeat episode of sepsis, I am erupting with fear and riddled with turmoil, because if I contracted COVID-19, it’s possible that once again I would be faced with the demon of sepsis.

I was not surprised when I read that people in Wuhan, China had developed a secondary bacterial infection such as urinary tract infection or ventilator-associated pneumonia and died of sepsis because the antibiotics were ineffective to save their lives.

New treatments NOW

My message to the general public and to all governments is that antibiotic resistance is a serial global KILLER. It exists, it is real, and is rifer now because it’s a common feature of the Covid-19 pandemic, as the virus rampages throughout the globe causing fear, havoc, and death.”

Ronda is one of many patients currently being encouraged and cared for by our Patient Support programme.
If you also need support with your antibiotic resistant infection, go to our Patient Support pages, email or telephone 07367 784114.